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Medical Devices

Maintaining medical device quality and safety requires consistent, reliable, and verifiable measurement and environmental monitoring.

Achieve Consistent Product Quality And Mitigate Risks

As a manufacturer of medical devices, you understand the importance of product quality in a world of changing technology, consumer demands for greater visibility, and ever-evolving regulations. Environmental monitoring solutions from Dickson will help you ensure regulatory compliance, audit performance, and consistent product quality to reduce the risk of asset or profitability loss.

  • Continuously monitor temperature, humidity, and differential pressure as your medical devices are manufactured, shipped, and stored.

  • Receive real-time alerts (e.g. email, text, or phone call) for excursions to prevent product loss.

  • Ensure accurate and comprehensive data with Cloud-based or On-Premises monitoring to demonstrate compliance.

Delivering Solutions For Industry Leaders

A consistent production environment is key to ensuring that your products operate correctly, every time. When you’re making products that help diagnose and treat patients, uniform performance is crucial. Dickson’s environmental monitoring solution provides access to continuous, reliable data so that you can focus on what matters most – your product.

Guaranteeing Your Product’s Performance

Ensuring consistent environmental conditions is essential to the success of your device in the field. From R&D to testing to final production and everything in between, Dickson’s environmental monitoring system allows you to stay on top of every environmental monitoring point throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Supporting The Entire Production Process

Our new handbook explores the challenges and trends impacting medical device manufacturing, reviews core regulations, and discusses how environmental monitoring can help your company address compliance challenges, stay audit-ready, and protect both your products and patients.

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Why Choose Dickson For Medical Device Monitoring?

You're working to improve lives one product at a time. We’re here to help. Our products and services ensure efficient monitoring and documentation of each device so you can maintain product quality and meet regulatory requirements. As your products find their way into the hands of medical professionals and into patient use, every point along the process will have mattered.

With medical devices, consistency throughout the manufacturing process is essential so that medical device products perform as intended each time. Monitoring temperature and humidity guarantees that your products are being manufactured in the required conditions, every time.

Quality Consistency

When temperature or humidity goes out of range, medical devices can be compromised. Mitigate those risks with reliable environmental monitoring and have visibility of any excursions as early in the development and manufacturing process as needed.

Mitigate Risk

  • Scalable system-wide environmental monitoring

  • Cloud-based monitoring for operational efficiency

  • Automatic data collection & real-time notification

Easily meet regulatory guidelines from medical device regulatory bodies, including the FDA. By having ongoing data on critical environmental conditions, you can provide documentation on consistency as well as evidence on how excursions were addressed.

Ensure Compliance

From cleanrooms to production lines and everything in between, Dickson covers all medical device monitoring and compliance needs.

In the highly complex and highly regulated medical device industry, there is a need for accurate and reliable environmental monitoring to ensure patient safety and guard against product loss. Stay on top of every environmental monitoring point throughout your production and remain compliant.

Dickson Serves All Areas In The Medical Device Industry

Bacteria can thrive in unsterilised environments. It is critical that medical device manufacturers meet and exceed regulatory compliance standards for sterilisation and contamination control.


Many components could suffer from short-circuiting or corrosion in an environment that’s either too dry or too moist. Measuring RH is critical for product safety. Precise control and monitoring are necessary to not cause harm to the patient.


From the time it leaves the manufacturing facility until it is used in the operating room, prosthesis or medical implants must not be compromised by out-of-range temperatures. Monitoring the production and storage of implants is crucial to protecting their quality and viability.


Healthcare providers depend on diagnostic tools to provide the right care. Environmental monitoring ensures the integrity of those medical devices so they provide accurate information.


Even small fluctuations in temperature and humidity can affect sensitive electronics in medical devices. If you’re manufacturing medical device components, it’s essential to have the right environmental monitoring solution to ensure that product quality isn’t compromised.

Manufacturing & Testing

Medical Device Related Products

Dickson offers a broad portfolio of data loggers, sensors, and software tailored to meet the unique environmental monitoring requirements in the medical device industry. Automate the collection of temperature, humidity, and other environmental data with real-time notifications, alarms, and customisable views using our products.

Our trained team of professionals is ready to help you through the compliance process from start to finish. Reach out today to start the conversation. Call +33 4 99 13 67 30 or send us a message.

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