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Achieve mission-critical success by choosing the right environmental monitoring system that meets the ultra-high reliability needs of the aerospace industry.

Finely-Tuned Machines Deserve One Of Their Own

In aerospace, the manufacturing and maintenance of components is closely regulated and controlled. An integrated system complete with environmental monitoring is critical to keeping parts at a consistent quality that stands up to regulatory scrutiny.

  • Meet the highest ISO9001 / AS9100 quality standards.

  • Get real-time alerts so that you can respond quickly before an excursion becomes a costly failure or asset loss.

  • Effortlessly monitor essential temperature and environmental data from the production line to storage.

Delivering Solutions For Industry Leaders

AS9100 requires strict adherence to principles of safety, airworthiness, product conformity, and reliability. Maintaining uniformity in your environment is essential to meeting these regulations. Environmental monitoring solutions can help you manage risk and stay ahead of potential excursions.

Meeting AS9100 And ISO 9001 Guidelines

From mechanical parts to weaponry to electronic systems, every product in aerospace manufacturing plays a crucial role in the overall performance of the end result. By monitoring and regulating key environmental data to ensure uniform quality, you can protect every component, no matter how small.

Ensuring Consistent Quality

Our new guide explores the best practices for mapping temperature and humidity in any warehouse environment. Learn how to conduct a successful mapping that complies with various CFR codes of FDA regulations.

Download Our Warehouse Mapping Guide

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Why Choose Dickson For Aerospace Monitoring?

At Dickson, we understand that consistency and quality are paramount. From production to repair and maintenance, we know the importance of accurate data in aerospace and defense applications. Our systems are designed to help you monitor essential environmental data such as temperature and humidity so your assets stay protected, and you stay compliant.

Highly accurate sensors provide instant and precise feedback in order to prevent safety risks like components overheating or malfunctioning. Keep the heat under control and monitor changes in temperature or other environmental data in real-time to ensure product safety.

Improve Safety

Get visibility of any excursions and automatically alert staff to take corrective actions to reduce or eliminate the risk of asset loss.

Protect Your Assets

  • System-wide environmental monitoring

  • Automatic data collection

  • Real-time notification

Easily meet regulatory guidelines from medical device regulatory bodies, including the FDA. By having ongoing data on critical environmental conditions, you can provide documentation on consistency as well as evidence on how excursions were addressed.

Ensure Compliance

From component manufacturing to engine performance monitoring and everything in between, Dickson covers all aerospace environmental monitoring and compliance needs.

At Dickson, we understand that in the aerospace industry, the slightest change in the environmental condition could be detrimental. Our environmental monitoring solution ensures safety, quality, and efficiency by providing real-time monitoring with high accuracy and reliability.

Dickson Serves All Areas In Aerospace

If you’re manufacturing wings, engines, or other aerospace components, it’s essential to adhere to internal quality control standards and strict regulations throughout the process. Even small fluctuations in temperature and humidity can alter the physical structure of metals. The right environmental monitoring solution can help ensure that these structures aren’t threatened.


Beyond the production line, maintaining environmental conditions remains important for critical areas and sensitive equipment. Large fluctuations from the initial production environment can cause physical breakdown or components to malfunction. Environmental monitoring systems can help monitor key data, empowering you to prevent costly asset loss or even legal liability.


When you’re working to produce sensitive aerospace and defense products, you need to ensure that your deliverables are safe, compliant, and ready for use. Temperatures that are too hot, too cold, or inconsistent can degrade the raw materials and components used. Finding the right temperature monitoring system can guarantee audit compliance and overall safety.


In the aerospace industry, the level of testing aircraft and their components undergo in development is quite staggering. Environmental test chambers and accelerated testing involve rapidly changing climate conditions and stress tests. Whether it’s testing components or military aircraft, you need the right environmental monitoring solution that provides high integrity and increased safety in your testing operations.


Monitoring temperature, humidity, and other data are crucial elements involved in aerospace research studies from continuous structural health monitoring (SHM) to aircraft and component testing. Highly sensitive and accurate sensors capable of directly measuring control parameters such as differential pressure and temperature are needed to ensure integrity in aerospace applications.


Aerospace Related Products

Dickson offers a wide variety of data loggers and critical sensor solutions with a host of features tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of the aerospace and defense industry. Automate the collection of temperature, humidity, and other environmental data with real-time notification alerts using our monitoring systems.

Our trained team of professionals is ready to help you through the compliance process from start to finish. Reach out today to start the conversation. Call +33 4 99 13 67 30 or send us a message.

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