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OCEAView is a web and mobile solution that provides remote monitoring, data traceability, and alert notification based on Dickson's innovative wireless sensors and data loggers.

Unified platform for state-of-the-art monitoring

Cloud Monitoring For Enhanced Visibility And Traceability

OCEAView is a unified platform based on three key pillars: monitoring, traceability, and alerts. Designed for fixed monitoring, mobility, and connectivity, OCEAView integrates a wide range of advanced data loggers and wireless sensors to help you stay on top of your critical environments and monitor your sensitive products continually.

With 24/7 real-time alerts, OCEAView provides a complete monitoring solution to ensure the integrity of your sensitive products, equipment, and storage facilities.

Protects Assets

Get a detailed audit trail to support your quality control and security procedures. Easily comply with 21 CFR Part 11, GxP, HACCP, and food safety guidelines and standards.

Maintains Regulatory Compliance

Keep an eye on all your devices with a single platform to reduce the burden on your staff. From installation to validation and support, we have you covered every step of the process.

Simplifies Monitoring

OCEAView meets your traceability needs by recording asset attributes over time, including a complete record of all readings, alarms, user actions and acknowledgments, and system events.

Ensures Traceability
OCEAView Web Platform


Create your company account and enter your license key through the OCEAView web application. Then use the interface to connect your data loggers to OCEAView. Sensors are detected and included automatically.


Set up every aspect of your monitoring solution in OCEAView™: create your organisational structure, set up equipment, assign data loggers and sensors, adjust data logging parameters, manage users, and much more.


Define a monitoring strategy to meet your needs with alert notification, contacts, scheduling, reports, calibration, and more.


Visualise sensor status and graphs, monitor your environmental data, and take action when needed.

OCEAView Gets You Up and Running Fast

Solution & Process

Comprehensive Class-Leading Monitoring Solution

Protecting your most valuable assets requires a powerful and complete monitoring solution. The OCEAView solution provides comprehensive monitoring of critical parameters through a range of connected data loggers, sensors, receivers, and intuitive mobile & web applications.

Gain peace of mind by having total control over all your equipment, data, sensors, users, and reports. OCEAView is a complete monitoring, traceability, and alert platform, providing an advanced remote monitoring solution for a wide range of wireless environmental data loggers and sensors.

OCEAView Benefits

OCEAView works with a variety of Dickson LoRaWAN and Bluetooth data loggers and supports many different sensors to cover all your monitoring needs.


OCEAView allows your staff to view readings, graphs, alert status, and share data with other people via the Cloud. OCEAView provides easy access to your data so you can have full visibility and traceability of your cold chain and environmental monitoring process.

Enhanced Visibility

OCEAView offers a complete web application, with a mobile companion app for iOS and Android specifically for Bluetooth data loggers. Offering identical functionality, Cloud and On-Premises versions of the web application are available to meet your specific requirements.


Cloud-based monitoring allows users to view and monitor environmental data remotely, along with all monitored equipment, from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Remote Monitoring

Identify environmental risks, failures, and opportunities for improvement before it’s too late. With OCEAView, you get 24/7 e-mail, voice calls, and SMS/text message alerts for any excursions or technical problems.

Optimised Performance

OCEAView Features

OCEAView is packed with features to give you intuitive access to all your data and monitored equipment. From storage facilities to production areas and vehicles, monitor the critical parameters in your entire supply chain on-the-go using our robust web and mobile platform.

OCEAView integrates sensors for monitoring your critical equipment, storage areas, and even packages in transit, with a robust web-based backend that gives you control over every aspect of your system. 


  • Wireless connectivity with leading IoT technologies 

  • Sensor reading, data collection, and transfer to match your usage model

  • Visual dashboards and system overview at a glance 

  • Cloud-based and entirely on-premises options

Get a detailed audit trail to demonstrate compliance and traceability, including a complete record of all readings, alarms, user actions, acknowledgments, and system events. 


  • Auditable, secure, and non-modifiable system log

  • Complete history of all actions and events 

  • Downloadable graphs, sensor data, and device information 

  • Automated report scheduling

OCEAView Alerts Dashboard

Set target ranges with alarm limits for sensor readings. Get flexible alarm management and real-time notification of any anomalies. 


  • Programmable ranges with up to three high and three low warning levels 

  • Real-time alerts via email, SMS/text, or voice calls

  • Technical alerts for sensors, data loggers, and receivers 

  • LoRaWAN wireless siren and dry contact controller alert devices

Leverage wireless connectivity with leading IoT technologies using our connected data loggers, adapting easily to a wide variety of monitoring situations. Our products use the latest communication and sensor technologies for maximum flexibility and reliability, and to keep up with a growing need for mobile monitoring.

Explore OCEAView Products

Learn about the OCEAView solution for monitoring, traceability, and alert notifications. Discover related Dickson data loggers, wireless sensors, receivers, automation tools, software, and services.

OCEAView Brochure

Learn how our Cloud-based monitoring system can help you gain oversight of mission-critical operations in your industry. Our solutions make compliance and monitoring easy even for the most regulated industries. To learn more, click on your industry below.


Maintain the right enviornmental conditions anywhere in the healthcare journey from vaccine storage to operating rooms with a comprehensive Cloud monitoring solution.

Maintaining the highest quality and consistency in your production requires putting the right environmental monitoring solution in place. Protect your assets and customers from risks or non-complicance and product loss.

In the pharmaceutical setting, critical parameters such as temperature and humidity require continuous monitoring to ensure regulatory compliance and drug safety. 

Temperature monitoring is crucial in maintaining uniform quality and preventing degredation of raw materials and aerospace components. Meet industry requirements using our environmental monitoring solutions.

From processing to transporting food and beverage products, monitoring systems ensure food safety and prevent degradation. Meet FSMA regulations and evolving consumer demands with temperature and humidity monitoring systems.

Production and cleanrooms for medical devices are highly complex and regulated. Continuous monitoring of various parameters such as temperature and differential pressure is crucial in ensuring the uniform performance of medical devices.

Maintaining precise temperatures in cryo containers and incubators is crucial in protecting research samples and cultures in laboratories. Continuous temperature monitoring systems can help ensure compliance and enhance staff productivity.

Flexible Subscription Options

Your OCEAView Cloud platform subscription is available based on the number of measurement points, for unlimited users. A one-time license option is also available for the OCEAView On-premises platform. Please contact us to learn more.

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