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Third-Party Logistics

Ensure the highest product quality and safety throughout the supply chain by choosing the right environmental monitoring system.

Delivering Success At

Every Step

For transportation providers, the importance of an efficient supply chain is immeasurable. Customers expect their goods to be delivered on time and unharmed, and having the right environmental monitoring system in place can mean the difference between business as usual and costly failures.

  • Effortlessly monitor temperature and humidity data and save employee time with 24/7 continuous monitoring systems.

  • Monitor key data from origin to destination, and at every point in between, to help protect your products and your bottom line, and keep your customers happy.

  • Ensure product safety and asset protection with real-time alerts for any excursions.

Putting customers first means choosing the right system for monitoring goods during transportation. From dock to dock, the proper environmental monitoring system means you can keep your eyes on the destination, confident that your temperature and humidity monitoring needs are met.

Putting Your Customers First

You need consistency in order to meet customer requirements and remain compliant. Whether you’re transporting vaccines, medical devices, or consumer goods, choosing the right environmental monitoring system is critical to your success.

Supporting The Supply Chain

Why Choose Dickson For 3PL Monitoring?

At Dickson, we understand the importance of supply chain visibility and efficiency in the movement of goods. From point A to point B, we know the importance of accurate data throughout every step of the transportation lifecycle. With on-demand reports and instant backups, you and your customers will have confidence the product arrives in perfect condition.

Preserve the condition of life-saving vaccines and prevent product deterioration of sensitive goods with continuous temperature and humidity monitoring. Monitor changes in temperature or other environmental data in real-time to ensure total product safety and delivery in a timely and efficient manner.

Improve Safety

Get enhanced visibility of any excursions and automatically alert staff to take corrective actions to reduce the risk of product wastage or even pull products from the supply chain if necessary.

Protect Your Assets

  • System-wide environmental monitoring

  • Automatic data collection

  • Real-time notification

Break through complex regulatory and compliance challenges that vary between product classifications, states, and even countries. With continuous monitoring and digital logs, you can prove to receivers, regulators, and insurers that the sensitive products were transported at the right temperatures or other conditions.

Stay Compliant

Whether it’s life-saving vaccines or perishable goods, you take responsibility for products to reach their destinations in perfect condition as a 3PL provider. With Dickson, you can stay on top of every environmental monitoring point throughout your supply chain and remain compliant.

Dickson Serves All Areas In 3PL

When you’re working to move goods, you need to ensure that your deliverables are safe, consistent, and ready for use. Finding the right temperature monitoring system can guarantee compliance and consumer safety.


Loading and unloading goods introduce environmental variations. Monitoring essential data ensures that those variations are kept to a safe range when moving products in and out of storage.


Transportation and storage often provide the most opportunity for environmental variance. Any point in the supply chain that goes without monitoring can lead to a failed audit and product spoilage.


The last-mile delivery of critical vaccines, meal kits, and fresh or frozen food requires careful temperature maintenance and monitoring throughout the delivery process. With Dickson’s continuous temperature monitoring solution, you can conquer the ‘last mile’ end of the supply chain to meet changing consumer needs and expectations.

Last-Mile Delivery

In certain food and pharmaceutical sectors, monitoring the internal temperatures of B2B and B2C product deliveries is critical. Using highly accurate temperature sensors and data loggers, rigorous temperature trialing of packaging boxes used throughout the cold chain can be achieved in order to avoid the high cost of cold chain breaches.


Third-Party Logistics Related Products

Dickson offers a wide variety of data loggers and critical sensor solutions with a host of features tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of the aerospace and defense industry. Automate the collection of temperature, humidity, and other environmental data with real-time notification alerts using our monitoring systems.

Our trained team of professionals is ready to help you through the compliance process from start to finish. Reach out today to start the conversation. Call +61(03) 9480 6003 or book a meeting with us.

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